Executive Recruitment

Our Vision

Technically expert

The partner of choice for primary and community care facilities. To be recognised as experts and leaders in our field, the first point of enquiry at both policy and delivery level.

Leaders and influencers in property investment and management

The principal source for expertise, opinion and partnership. Our vision is to influence policy at the highest level and to underpin that by delivering services which set the benchmark.

Forward thinking and innovative

Bringing new and sustainable solutions to challenging situations. Our vision is for our teams to collaborate further; to generate and implement outstanding improvements to systems and services and to increase our contribution at all levels

In touch and in tune with our communities

To continue to grow and develop into the most trusted investment and property management partner. We are committed to working collaboratively with our tenants, investment partners and a wide range of health and social care professionals to benefit patients and service users.

Entrepreneurial and commercially minded

Delivering optimum value to the end user. We will invest in innovative developments and optimise the return on all our investments; maximising utilisation and providing the best buildings in the right places. We will continue to provide excellent property management services in this specialist asset class to maximise community benefit.